Studio Cacofunny is dedicated to producing media that tell stories that need to be heard. We strive to collaborate with indie storytellers and bring their deserving stories to a platform that serves the world.

If there is a tale out there that needs telling, we are looking for it and want to provide the best possible medium to bring it out to the world. 

Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment doesn't know the first thing about either.

Marshall McLuhan

Who are we?

Our Origin

We were born of the idea of telling stories. The founder of our parent company is a storyteller and it is his strong belief that stories can be told in ways one can not begin to comprehend.

Writing wasn’t enough and so we embarked on a journey to use podcasting as a medium to get brilliant stories that were not getting enough exposure in front of the world. This led not only to the creation of our first podcast but also a drive to find new media to reach people with stories that deserve to be told.

First Steps

Since our inception was driven by storytelling, we have started with a podcast to do exactly that. And since we are taking up podcasting, that is where we intend to start our expansion with - through another podcast to follow.

Next Up

Continuing our journey of telling stories, we intend to then follow it up with looking for other media suitable for storytelling such as video and music. Once we have ventured into these media, we intend to focus on helping others tell their stories with us.

Near Future

When we feel we have established ourselves enough, we intend to tie up with our sister brands and collaborate with artists and local artisans to develop merchandise for creators and supporters alike.


Our goal is to build a community of creative artists while collaborating with and supporting indie artists for production of media and also with local artists and artisans to help keep our culture alive.


Our mission is to bring Indie Artists to a platform that can make them available to a wider audience. We intend to guide and mentor artists to help them reach their potential.


We envision creating a community of care where artists of various genres and media, work together with artisans and help each other. Through media, we intend to revive art.


We value integrity, respect and support. These virtues reside in every policy or decision we make. We believe everyone involved in a partnership must get their due.